WATCH D.O.G.S.® (Dads Of Great Students) is an innovative program being used by schools across America which helps them to be positively impacted by the committed involvement of fathers and father-figures in their student’s life. Our goal is to have you spend at least one day this year at the school to be a positive male role model and to provide an extra set of eyes and ears. Dads, granddads, uncles, step-dads and adult brothers this is your chance to have a day with your student(s) in a fun atmosphere at school.


To be a WatchDOG and to volunteer at Vaughn, you need to complete a FISD Volunteer Background Check, wear an official WatchDOGS t-shirt AND sign up for an available WatchDOGS time slot. Please follow the links below to get started!  

  1. You must complete a background check before you can volunteer in any Frisco ISD school:
  2. You must Sign up for an available WatchDOGS slot
  3. You must wear an official WatchDOGS t-shirt so staff and students can easily identify you in our school:

John Rosenbaum



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How long does the Background Check take?


This varies, but generally I would expect 2-3 weeks, get it done as early as you can


I completed my Background Check last year, am I good?


No, you must submit a new Background Check each school year


Do I *really* need to wear a WatchDOGS shirt/uniform?


Yes, this is a requirement - the students and staff don't always know your face, but they know the uniform


Any advice on which shirt to get?


Dads are typically choosing between one of these:


Why are some of the dates on the Sign Up Calendar blank?

Dates that do not have a Volunteer Opportunity means WatchDOGS are not allowed to be on campus at that time - this could be for Holidays, Breaks, Teacher Workshops, STAAR testing, etc.


Any advice on choosing a date to volunteer?


I personally volunteer for my kiddos birthdays (or as close as I can based on availability).  If this is your first time, maybe look to volunteer on a Friday, as we are allowed two WatchDOGS on Fridays and you could learn the ropes from a veteran. The first days back from Winter Break and Spring Break are popular, the teachers and staff can use all the help possible getting the kids back in sync.


How many days should I sign up for?


The WatchDOGS program has a goal of every Dad/Father Figure volunteering one day during the school year.  My ask, especially for first time WatchDOGS, is to volunteer one day before Winter Break.


That sounds suspicious, what's the catch?


The catch is, once you serve, I believe you will enjoy the experience so much, that you'll immediately go looking for another date to sign up - so don't wait until the last few months, spots can fill up quickly


Ok, I've got my Background Check completed, my WatchDOGS shirt is clean-ish, and I've signed up for a date on the Sign Up Calendar - anything else?


Once you sign up for a day you will receive a confirmation email from me, and I will send a reminder email the day before you are scheduled to arrive on campus. Feel free to use these to quickly reply to me if you have any questions or concerns.  Beyond that, there are some items to think through:

- Do you need to request vacation from work? 

- You'll be eating lunch with your kiddo(s) - what are you packing for yourself?

- Are you walking or biking or driving to school and does this change how your kiddo(s) gets picked up - make sure to notify their teacher(s)

- Plan to report at the front office no later than 7:30am


I signed up for a day, but I need to cancel, what should I do?


Please email Miss Angie and me as soon as possible


 I would like to sign up for a half-day, is that allowed?


No, there is an expectation of commitment for the full school day per the nationwide WatchDOGS program


I heard we are not supposed to use our phones while at the school, is that true?


Correct - phones should not be used in the presence of a student - if you need to check email or make a call, wait until you are on a break and away from the students


When will I be able to spend time with my kiddo(s)?


There are a number of times during the school day you will be with your kiddo(s)

 - Early in the morning, you can stop in to say hello to them and their class

 - During the day, when it's time to visit your child's grade, you are allowed to pull students from their class for games

 - During lunch

 - Possibly during recess (if you have multiple kiddos you may opt to eat lunch with each which may conflict with recess)

 - Possibly during specials (if you have multiple kiddos you may opt to eat lunch with each which may conflict with specials)


WatchDOGS is great!  I want to be more involved - is there anything more I can do?


Absolutely! Many times throughout the school year I am asked to reach out for WatchDOGS to help with random projects, etc. Generally, I will post those needs on our Facebook site, so make sure you have joined for those announcements:
And feel free to reach out to me at to let me know your interests


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