Programs are a fundamental part of our PTA as we seek to provide opportunities for student and parent growth and enrichment. 


Programs for the 2018-2019 school year include:



Dr. Recess:  {August  27} Dr. Recess will be at Vaughn all day teaching the students developmentally appropriate games that promote social/emotional skills, thinking skills, and motor skills during their recess time.




Reflections:  This National PTA sponsored arts recognition program gives students a chance to express themselves and find their own voice in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, photography, music composition, and visual arts. The theme this year is “Heroes Around Me.”


Go GREEN, Live CLEAN BMX show: {October 23} Pro BMX athletes will perform big air stunts while delivering a powerful message that promotes living drug and violence feee, living your dreams, being motivated and respecting others and the environment.


Rowdy from the Dallas Cowboys: {November 5} Rowdy will be holding an Anti-Bullying pep rally to promote good behavior and encourage the students to respect others.



Multicultural Night:  {November 8} This is a fun evening for the whole family to come and explore some of the different countries and cultures represented at Vaughn. There will be food samples, performances, crafts, and more!




Lloyd Bachrach: {November 27} Mr. Bachrach will be speaking to our students about having a positive attitude, overcoming adversity and never giving up.



Diverse Abilities Days: {November 28-29} Students will rotate through stations during their specials time to explore many different ways our students learn. 




Dinosaur George :  {Jan 30} Dinosaur George will be presenting an engaging show to all our students that is high energy, fun, and educational.




High Touch High Tech:  Through out the school year, scientists will come into our students’ individual classrooms to present engaging science experiments/workshops.  Science is more fun and memorable when it’s hand on!



If you have any suggestions for programs or have any questions, please contact Erin Farquhar, VP Programs at









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