Staff Favorites for 2021-2022


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Front Office

Susie Graham - Principal

Michelle Kim - Assistant Principal

Mandie Gaudet - Counselor

Holly Boydston - Secretary

Kim Hartsell - Nurse

Katherine Higgins - Data Clerk

Angie Richards - Receptionist



Ms. Atwell

Mrs. Johnson

Ms. Vandever

Ms. Vasily

Ms. Young


1st Grade

Ms. McEnery

Mrs. Cho

Ms. Clarkson

Mrs. Frazell

Ms. Maranto


2nd Grade

Mrs. Guernsey

Ms. Arendse

Ms. Embry

Mrs. Rains

Ms. Sanders

Mrs. Raja


3rd Grade

Mrs. Clark

Ms. Block

Ms. Escoto

Mrs. Huckins

Mrs. Shin

Ms. McGee


4th Grade

Mrs. Vanderford

Ms. Bohls

Ms. Hayes

Ms. Chamberlain

Mrs. Clark

Mrs. Pinkerton


5th Grade

Ms. Brown

Ms. Chung

Ms. Smith

Ms. Duzich

Mr. Moody



Mrs. Marino - Art

Mrs. Surillo - Music

Coach James - PE

Coach Lane - PE Aide

Coach Scott - Flex 



Mrs. Biamont - Librarian

Ms. LaSala - Dyslexia

Mrs. Polk - Language Coach

Mrs. Dinger - GT

Ms. Mercy - Digital Learning

Mrs. Monk - Instructional Coach

Ms. Robinson - CIS

Vanitha Elamurugan, Area Tech Specialist


SPED: Resource

Mrs. Spaits

Ms. Johnson

Ms. Hartsell

Ms. Martschinsky

Ms. Faddis



Ms. Robinson - Diagnostician

Mrs. Broach

Ms. Faddis

Ms. Bruce

Ms. Erwin

Mr. Couzynse

Ms. Sims

Ms. Tabler - Speech

Ms. Vijthakumara - Speech


Cafe and Custodians

Rosie Farrag - Café Manager

Ms. Calabara

Ms. Chapa

Ms. Shah

Vicente Jimenez Delgado - Custodian

Maria Luna - Custodian

Romelia Zacarias - Custodian


Upcoming Events

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